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New Visions Toronto supports children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities We are dedicated to helping Supported Individuals be part of their communities and assume their valued roles in society. Read more about us...

Our Latest Fundraising Effort

We raised enough to purchase an accessible van!! The new van will increase opportunities for our Supported Individuals to explore our city as well as make out-of-town trips possible.

Amount raised: $79,000
  • Visiting Wall Street
  • Checking out New Orleans
  • Team Photo
  • Dragon boat race 2014
  • Hallowe'en fun at Screamers
  • At the cottage
  • Upper Canada Village
  • 1000 Islands cruise
  • Dragon Boat Race

Charlotte Huchenski (Elections Canada's Accessibility Community Relations Officer) paid us a visit to let us know that advance polling stations are open this weekend.  For information about accessibility and supports, click on this link.