Making a Difference

The following vignettes describe the difference that New Visions Toronto has made in the lives of the people we support and their families.


cameron"I had a great opportunity to go to Leadership Camp at the North Toronto Community Centre for two weeks last summer. I learned how to help other people do art and participate in gym and the importance of cooperation with other people in order to get things accomplished. I learned that everyone who does not know how to swim should wear a life jacket before getting into the pool. Lastly, I learned that a leader must have fun, too!"


"I moved in to my home in 1997; I live in the St. Lawrence Market area with 2 roommates. Prior to moving here I lived an hour and a half out of town which made it very difficult for any visits with my family. Now that I am here I see my mother once a week or more when I can! I go out and enjoy the community events and sights that the city has to offer. I go to a weekly social club at the community centre, and am often out exploring my neighborhood: the shops, parks, etc.. I have started a small business from home with the support of the staff here.

"Without the support of New Visions Toronto I would not have nearly as many opportunities to participate in my community or explore all the options available to me."